Varmi Compost Production, Using and Marketing Training Held

Last Modified: 1 September 2016

As per planning, Promoting Gender Equality through Local Knowledge & People's Initiative  project of USS organized 4 days in 2 batches  varmi compost production, using and marketing training for Ganogabeshona group members on 20-21 August’16 and 22- 23 August’16 in Palashbari and  Laxmichap union  supported by diakonia Bangladesh. 40 women participated in two batches. The training was inaugurated by Project coordinator of (PGELKPI) USS Monazzini Khanam. These Training was facilitated by Md. Hamidul Islam, Coordinator - Agriculture, USS, Nilphamari. At the beginning of the training, all participants introduced themselves and everybody expressed their expectations. 10 Topics were discussed in the training. As like:

              1) what is varmi compost and varmi culture?

              2) Variety of   varmi   for  varmi compost.

              3) Importance of   varmi compost,

             4) Present condition of   varmi compost and soil,

             5) Necessity   elements   of   botany in varmi compost,

             6) Discussion of Income Generating Activity through varmi compost,

              7) Marketing of  varmi compost,                                                                    

              8) Usefulness of  varmi compost,

             9) Suitable place and rule production  of  varmi  compost  and

             10) Field visit for real experience.

After training some participant said their opinion. Gita Rani said that, she will cultivate in organic vegetable through varmi compost production and she trying to find out a way to marketing her product through local participatory action research. Anowera begume said that, Women will involve in alternative income generating activities.  And Mukta Rani said “Women will economically and socially empowered.” Alauddin Ali, ED, USS was present in the closing sessions.


Prepared  by:

Monazzini  Khanam

Project Coordinator

PGELKPI- Project

USS, Nilphamari