Exposure Visit to LRP-35 Areas for Learning and Sharing Regarding Reflection Action Process

Last Modified: 7 July 2019

Udayankur Seba Sangstha (USS) has started the development journey through Women Initiative for Community Development (W4CD) project funded by Action Aid Bangladesh (AAB) at Borovita and shimulbari union under Phulbari Upazala of Kurigram district through human rights based approach using methods of reflection action process since February 2019. AAB and USS both are knowledge based organization and they have been trying to ensure the programmatic intervention to consider the local knowledge and skill of community people. As the part of the intervention USS phulbari W4CD project under LRP-52 organized an exposure visit for sharing and learning of reflection action process between LRP- 35 and LRP-52. This event was held on 3rd July’2019. Main objectives of the events are;

  • How to develop the people organization at LRP level and know the technical issue selection process and also known to women lead mobilization for community development.
  • To know the local level fund mobilization process taking collective initiatives for IGA.

Visited Place: Koloni para Reflect circle and Sangrami Nari Lokokendra , Surjomokhi reflect circle- Ausrompara and sharing the experience with leader of person with disability people Mr Shabul Islam Loton.

 Voluntary staffs of USS and member of reflection action circle shared the experience delivery on women lead community development through reflection action process. Member of reflection action circle of LRP-35 have long experience on development process through community mobilization and advocacy. They shared their practical experience on land rights, health rights (Community clinic) and collective initiatives on off firm and on firm initiatives. They are contributing to community development using these processes.

Some expressions of participants are below to; I am very happy to know the development process in this areas and we are trying to replicate the experience to our community and reflection action circle--------- said Shahina Khatun , member of  Joba reflection action circle, Kurigram.

Our PC shared the development regarding LRP-35 but we did not believe and we thought why we will go there to know the practical experience from reflection action circle. It is remarkable that they established the community clinic and they have average fund two lac taka per circle. ----------------------------- Mst  Nurannahar Begum, Member of Uddoghi Nari reflection action circle- Kurigram.

 We think that these learning from visit will contribute to community development and participants are very excited to get the opportunity for visit LRP-35. They thanked to reflection action circle members and A4I project staffs of USS to extent their helping hand. USS Phulbari team is very happy to learn practical experience from LRP-35.