Gender issue based Debate Competition at secondary school level

Date Published: 21 November, 2019


Last Updated: 21 November, 2019

USS has arranged a debate competition on “awareness is major to prevention of child marriage not law.” under Gender Equality through Peoples Initiative (GEPI) Project supported by Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) at Gorgram School & College on 17th November 2019.

Objectives of the program:

  • To increasing knowledge about harmful side of child marriage.
  • To grow mentality among students regarding positive competitiveness with their present intellect and logic
  • Influence to students to reads different data based book.
  • Make capable of the Students to speech of clear language.

The program was chaired by Md. Arun Roy, Assistant teacher of Gorgram School & College of Gorgram union. Ratna Roy, students of Gorgram School & college was introducing the program. Md. Abdul Kuddus Sarker, coordinator of education of USS was delivered welcome speech of the program. Md. Shahajahan, Assistant teacher of Gorgram School & College was present as moderator. All the debaters participated lively with logic. The debaters were presented excellent example about the determined topic. The two groups tried by showing their logic in that debating competition. There were present almost 250 students of the program.  All audiences enjoyed the debate competition. Finally the behalf group won in that competition. Huchaina Akter is a student of class eight who was selected as champion speaker from behalf group.

After debate competition judge and audience students gave opinion regarding the debate. Iva said that, “I liked this debate competition and thanks to USS for this arrange.” Motahara said “debate competition need to repeat at our school, because we can learn from competition.” Then the Prizes were given to the debaters of the both groups and extra pries was given to the champion speaker and the trophy was given to the winner group. At last program president Md. Arun Roy was thanked to USS and declared the end of the debate competition.