International Mother's Day Observed

Last Modified: 28 May 2015

International Mother’s Day has been observed at Akalugange in Luxmichap Union on 12 May ’15 by PGELKPI of USS and supported by Diakonia Bangladesh. The event was organized by local female and male members of Gano-Gobeshona group, Adolescent forum and union parishod. A colorful rally was started from ARC and rounding laxmichap village with about 150 participants. After rally, a discussion meeting was held in community Dhan bank field presided over union Parishad Chairman Md. Aminur Rahaman. Local elites, UP members, Gano-gobeshona group leaders, adolescent forum and USS staffs participated in discussion. All speakers gave importance on the role played my mothers and how to build awareness in society in their speech.

Reported by: Kaniz Fatema, PC, PGELKPI, USS