Project Name: Seeds of Survival (SoS)

Last Modified: 2018-07-10

Seeds of Survival (SOS) project is being implementing in Luxmichap and Polashbari unions from 2015.  From the experiences sustainable climate resilience organic agriculture activities is implementing intensively with the girls and young farmers. 

The Seeds of Survival (SoS) program in Bangladesh is strengthening household food security, improve nutrition and increase incomes through promoting organic, diverse vegetables by investing in the skills and resources of young women in the vulnerable northwest of the country. The ultimate outcome of SoS Bangladesh is that the lifelong skills to grow and save seeds from organically grown, diverse vegetables, be available for all future families and be a foundation for rebuilding a families’ situation if they face a high level of vulnerability. The core strategies are: (1) maintain a focus on young women who are more likely to skill build on home based, ecological, diversity based vegetable production and seed banking/ provisioning; (2) move towards young farmers selling surplus vegetables and some inputs, (high quality compost) and eventually seeds in their local market via careful value chain assessments.

Goal of the Project:

Improved sustainable resilience of food, nutrition and seed security for rural men, women and youth scaled-up.

Objectives/ Outcomes of the Project:

  • Increased availability of food  in quantity and quality for  rural women, men and youth
  • Improved economic security for rural women, men and youth
  • Development results scaled up through collaborations with government agencies, NGOs, farmers' organizations and national and  regional  networks
  • Increased diversity and productivity of smallholder agro ecological systems
  • Improved capacity of community-based enterprises to market seeds and other high value agro biodiversity products
  • Improved capacity of women, men and youth farmers, local partners, and USC to document, analyze and share innovations and best practices

Expected Result:

Through implementation of the project expected results are as below;

  • Increase us of organic fertilizer in the working areas
  • People will have vegetables without formalin
  •  Increase seeds diversity and security in the working areas
  • Climate  change resilience in the community will increase
  • Decrease violence of child and women against gender based violence
  • Social and economical development will increase for rural women