Celebration of Women Sports at Community

Last Modified: 26 December 2019

Gender Equality through Peoples Initiative (GEPI) Project under Udayankur Seba Sangstha (USS) has arranged sports for women with active management of adolescent group members supported by MANUSHER JONNO FOUNDATION (MJF) at Gorgram Union porishod field on 18 December’2019.

Objectives of the event: 

  • Women will be attain sports competition with their like.
  • To grow mentality among women regarding positive competitiveness
  • Women will be confident and their outlook will change
  • To creating opportunities for women to get out and entertainment.

The program was chaired by Masuda Akter Mini, UP member of Gorgram Union Porishod. There were also present Hazzad Bin Hobibor, Head teacher of KMD Gov. Primary School, Gorgram, Md. Jomil, coordinator of Agriculture, M&E of USS, union social support committee members, Women Group members, Adolescent group members, students and adjacent villagers of the UP. Near about 250 peoples were actively participated with the sports event. The sports program was started 100 meter run for women. There were 07 types of sports held like: Ball passing, 100 meter & 200 meter race, Plate balance run, needle twist, Eye test, pond atones and Lottery. Every sport played in 2 groups, 3 of them got prize in every sport through competition and total 48 winner received price. 140 women, 30 Girls and 20 boys participated in the sports. Participants and observers were much more enjoy of these Sports.

After completion of sports, discussion meeting and prize giving ceremony was held. Md. Jomil, coordinator of Agriculture, M&E of USS thanks to the sports implementing committee and explain objective of the event. In discussion meeting the participants were express their opinion. Baby said that “I have felt very happy and I think sometimes we need this event.”  Hazzad Bin Hobibor said “Sports for women, this event is exceptional in our society and thanks to USS for this organizes”.  Masuda Akter Mini, UP member of Gorgram gave closing speech. All the staffs of GEPI project of USS and sports implement committee performed actively in the event.